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Objective, quantified measures of cognitive functioning provide strong evidence in disputed employment disability cases due to illness and head injury.

Cognitive impairment is a frequently overlooked or poorly measured factor in employment disability. Since 1980 Dr. Alfred Scopp, licensed psychologist,has conducted neuropsychological examinations of over 300 patients in employment disability disputes.

• Conclusions are based on administration of over 40 objective, standardized tests of cognitive functioning.

• Tests include measures of various components of memory (Memory Assessment Scale), IQ (WAIS-II), executive functioning, abstract reasoning, judgment, information processing speed, speech and language function, a variety
of sensory and motor functioning (complete Reitan Neuropsychological Test Battery),
and personality (MMPI-2).

• Test results are given on a percentile basis as compared to other individuals of similar age, education, and gender.

• Conclusions are based upon quantified objective results in relation to job requirements rather than mere opinion. Because conclusions are based on measured performance expressed as a percentile rank, the weight of the conclusions is much more substantial than when conclusions are based simply upon the impression of the examiner. In addition,
the statistical probabilities of whether or not real impairment is present are also given, which adds to the efficacy of the conclusions.

• Concise, clearly written report addresses capacity for employment and any other relevant questions.

• Tests enable clear differentiation of psychogenic from true physiological impairment.

Cornell University,
B.A., Honors, 1967
Yale University,
Master's Degree, 1971
New School for Social Research,
Master's Degree, 1969
Duke University, Ph.D., 1974

American Psychological Association

American College
of Forensic Examiners

American Academy
of Pain Management

American Headache Society

Allied Health Staff, El Camino Hospital, Mountain View, CA

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